Simple and secure framework suitable for people who require large computational resources at low cost.

Save time, costs and energy by exploiting our network!

3D Rendering

The first application, Mohzaiko, addresses the 3D rendering process, key activity for graphic artists, designers, architects and movie-makers.

Software currently supported: Blender

How does it work?

The basic idea is to create a peer-to-peer (P2P ) network where, thanks to the cooperation among users, you get substantial savings on execution times, costs and energy consumption. By installing our software, every user connected to internet can both share his/her unused computational power and perform his/her tasks simply exploiting the network resources.

Our Team

Nunziato Cassavia (CEO) is a Computer Engineer expert in networking; Chiara Pulice (CFO) is a research assistant at Unical with a PhD on system engineering and computer science; Elio Masciari (COO) is a researcher at High Performance and Computing Networks Institute of CNR and adjunct professor at Unical and Unicz; Sergio Flesca (CTO) is an associate professor of computer science at Unical with expertise in Algorithms, Databases and Theory of Computation.